Why have CTAX issue TAX invoices?

CTAX has the knowledge and the expertise to issue tax invoices that are fully compliant and convey a professional appearance. Most counties require you to supply your participants with valid tax invoices. This document must contain a specific set of information.

What’s included?

A professional invoice matrix customized for your association event including association logo, event logo, one, two or three currencies and different layouts to accomodate different transactions (Pro forma, deposits, hotel commissions, etc).

- Full compliance with local invoicing and tax laws
- Issuing Reverse Charge invoices when required
- Issuing invoices in the host countries currency (dual currency invoices when required)
- Processing of invoicing data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with appropriate exchange rates
- Issuing credit notes for refunds and cancellations with the proper exchange rate to avoid currency fluctuation losses
- Emailling of invoices to participants and mailling of hard copies when required
- Address corrections on invoices
- Answers to questions from participants concerning tax matters.
- Preperation of data for monthly or quarterly tax returns in cooperation with your accounting department

Advantages for your Association

- Direct communications with CTAX, with a single contact point
- Assured compliance
- Less work load on your association’s staff
- Completly transparent process
- Official and professional invoices for your participants
- Quick turnaround for suppling tax invoices to exhibitors and sponsors