Are you eligible for a VAT/GST refund?


Individuals - Services
Generally speaking, individuals can't claim back the sales taxes paid out in an other country. This means that the taxes paid out on registration costs can't be refunded to individuals.

Individuals - Goods
Most countries offer tax refunds on goods purchased by individuals. In general, the goods must be purchased by a non resident and the refund application will need to be processed at the Airport before leaving the host country. The goods will need to travel with you. Consult Gloabl Blue's wedsite for country specific information:

Businesses registered in host country
Businesses registered in a given host country will obviously be able to claim the tax paid out through their VAT/GST returns.

EU Businesses
If the event is being held in the EU, in most cases, EU Businesses will be able to claim the taxes paid out. Contact us for a quote.

Businesses in ROW (rest of world)
This is abit of a catch all categorie and the answer depends on a few factors, but generally a tax refund is possible it just isn't always worth while because of the costs involved. For example, a host country might require your US based business to register for the local tax regime to be able to claim the taxes back. In this case, the refund amount would need to be higher then the consulting fees associated with the registration process.

In all cases, please contact us for specific answers or quotes.